"Your AD by the glass"

Here is how it works

Based on your needs, Custom AD Spots will provide pint glasses to your establishment with your logo and local business advertising to you at no cost.  Absolutely free!!! Your establishment will now be a networking location for yourself and local business owners. Not only does this help local businesses advertise, they will come into your establishment more often knowing they are advertising with you. This is a way for your establishment to also generate business not only by the advertisers, but all the people they will recommend once they have been to your establishment. So what is the catch?

To answer that question: All you have to do as an establishment is make sure the free pint glasses that are provided to you are exclusively on display for your customers to see. After one year of advertising, we ask that you allow us to pick up the glasses or you can give them away to your customers as souvenirs and we will replace them again, absolutely free. The best part of our advertising program is you never have to include the cost of pint glasses in your overhead again! Now more than ever, you know every dollar you cut from your overhead counts towards increasing your profits!

Custom AD Spots has professional sales people and a design team to help you create a glass that everyone will be talking about the entire year. What a great way to grow your business while saving money.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving free pint glasses.