"Your AD by the glass"

Custom AD Spots, a Minnesota based company, will provide your local establishment with free pint glasses once a year to make sure your advertisement is always in front of the potential customers. After one year, the pint glasses will be removed from the establishment and a new set of pint glasses will be introduced.

Custom AD Spots will put your advertising message directly into hundreds of hands daily and thousands over the course of a year. The pint glass system is the best way to promote your local company. Most establishments have customers that will use local businesses if they know you are there and this is an amazing way to get your name literally into their hands. For the cost, it is the highest exposure rate you will find to reach out to thousands of potential customers in your market. Custom AD Spots can help you dominate your local market.

Your company will be the only business from your industry advertising at that establishment. Custom AD Spots offers the promise of exclusivity for as long as you advertise with us. People will make you the topic of
discussion as they look at your ad throughout their visit. You will have a captive audience day after day over the course of the one year commitment from you and the establishment.

The establishment will be working with Custom AD Spots and you to make sure the provided pint glasses will be visible 100% of the time.