"Your AD by the glass"

Pint Glass Ads

Whether your business is large or small, Custom AD Spots will help. It doesn’t matter if you are a well-established business or just getting started.

Custom AD Spots only uses establishments that meet the requirements to help grow your business. The establishment must be using pint glasses for most of its beverage use. We also choose places that get most of their business from people in the community. This allows your ad to be read by local people who typically use local businesses to purchase products and services. This way we can maximize your dollars spent on the ad.

Helping Local Business

By helping you advertise your business, Custom AD Spots also helps the establishments by offering free pint glasses for the year. The establishment always sees more business when you, the advertiser, visit to see your advertisement with friends and family. So we are all helping the local economy in multiple ways.

Pint Glass ADVantages

In traditional ways of advertising, whether it is the newspaper, flyers, or mailers, the potential customer only sees your ad for a few seconds, and then it usually goes into the recycling bin. Nobody ever throws away our ads. They may take the glass home as a souvenir, but your ad will never go to waste. Another advantage is that you will never be advertising next to a competitor. Your business will always be the exclusive ad for your industry on the pint glass for that year. With Custom AD Spots the establishment’s customer will be looking at your ad over and over during their visit.  Because this is a unique way to advertise, it is always a great conversation piece. Advertising with Custom AD Spots is a very inexpensive way to reach out to thousands of hands on a daily basis.